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31 weeks pregnant

31 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms & Fetal Development

If you are 31 weeks pregnant, then you are close to meeting your baby. Week 31 pregnancy is the third semester of your pregnancy and you feel a bit breathless and some excitement to reaching this milestone.

Keep reading this blog to know more about 31 weeks pregnant and what to expect 31 weeks. 

31 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

31 Weeks Pregnant women

If you are weeks 31 pregnancy, then you are 7month pregnant. And only 2 months are left, then you enter the journey to motherhood. 

How Big Is Baby At 31 Weeks?

Measuring 31 week pregnant womb

At 31 weeks your baby will be around 4.1 cm long and likely weighing just over the 3 lbs. Your baby gets longer and heavier day by day.

Your unborn baby looks like a typically newborn baby. Baby is getting big at this phase so they are doing crowding your lungs.

That’s why you might feel winded on a minimal walk up the stairs. Now your baby can feel touch and hear they also start thumb sucking at 31 weeks pregnant. 

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31 Weeks Fetal Development

Baby Development At 31 Weeks

During the week 31 pregnancy your baby body and brain continue to make the connections. They can feel, heal and move in your womb and they also respond to your voice.

Check some development, when you are 31 weeks pregnant. 

 Baby Brain

At 31 weeks pregnant, the brain of your baby is developing at a fast pace. The functions of the individual cells are being to make so that all the functions of the baby are well coordinated. They can get information and feel with their senses. 

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At 31 weeks pregnant babies can move their heads around from the side to side and strengthen their neck muscles. 


The Lungs, liver, and other organs of your baby are developing at 31 weeks and your baby is mature now.

The water can pass now through your baby’s bladder, this can help your baby to urinate after birth. 

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During the third semester, your baby is completing its sleep in your womb before coming out.

These days you will notice fewer movements because your baby is taking a rest these days. 

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31 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

31 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

When the 31 weeks pregnant women go for the ultrasound. They will notice what their baby will look like when it is born.

They will clearly make out their babyface and all the different expressions that the baby has. You can also see their all activity and all the movements. 

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What Will Happen In Your Body When You 31 Weeks Pregnant 

Pregnant women

Breast Leakage

At 31 weeks pregnant, your baby becomes bigger in your womb and you notice some changes in your body.

Just like you may notice that creamy-yellowish substance has begun to leak from your breasts. The thick creamy yellow substance is known as colostrum or pre-milk.

If you notice that, then there is no need to worry about it because colostrum is the first stage of making breast milk during pregnancy. The colostrum is thicker than the milk produces after baby birth. 

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2. Braxton Hicks

Most of the women are experiencing Braxton hicks contractions during the last several weeks of pregnancy.

The Braxton hicks can begin early on the second trimester and they are also common in the week 31 pregnancy. The Braxton hicks occur when the muscles of the uterus get tight for 30 to 60 seconds or as long as 2 minutes.

Well, Braxton hicks are normal because it will prepare you for the true labor contractions. But if your Braxton hicks become painful or regular then call your midwife or doctor. 

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3. 31 Weeks Pregnant Belly

At 31 weeks pregnant your baby size of coconut within your uterus. Your belly is expanding and the belly is getting in the way of your everyday work like tying shoes.

When your belly is expanding your skin stretches out and you likely get stretch marks on your belly.

During 30 weeks pregnant or 31 weeks, your belly button will be pushed out to the front and it slightly bulges in your clothes.

31 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Pregnant belly

When you enter the third of your pregnancy you will likely notice some symptoms and signs. Here are some 31 weeks pregnant symptoms. 

1. Breathing Issues starts at 30 weeks

You will feel shortness of breath when you enter the 30 weeks of pregnancy. It all happens because you get over-weighted, thus you bond to become exhausted.

When your uterus becomes expanding it pushes up against the diaphragm, that’s why your diaphragm won’t expand fully and make room for the inflating lungs when you breathe. So you can face shortness of breath even after a small activity. 

2. Hair And Nail Changes

During pregnancy, some women can have fuller and great skin, but all the women are not that much lucky.

Because some women experience very brittle nails during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.

If you experience brittle nails, then there is now to worry about, because after pregnancy they should get back to normal. 

3. Lower Back Pain 31 Weeks Pregnant

When the women entered their 31 weeks pregnant they will notice in their back and legs ache quite a bit.

It will happen because of the extra weight that they have during pregnancy. To get rid of backaches, keep stretching and do your daily yoga routine it can help you. 

4. Frequent Urination

During the phase of the pregnancy, the bladder will undergo more pressure. This will increase the pressure of the urine and increase frequent urination.

So, completely empty your bladder whenever you go to the toilet to prevent urine infections. 

5. Heartburn 

Experiencing heartburn during the later stages of pregnancy is quite normal. Because in your body there are plenty of things are going on that can make heartburn and some other gastric issues.

Some other 31 weeks pregnant symptoms are Braxton Hicks Contractions, Headaches, Trouble sleeping, Constipation, Fluid from breasts

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