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Drool Rash

Drool Rash – Causes, Treatment, Solution

Drool rash is seen in babies around their mouth and neck area. When a child removes saliva from its mouth the skin gets wet. Due to regular wet of the skin, it makes baby skin rash. It can be because of teething’s side effects. You can prevent their skin by using cream or oil after consulting the doctor. In this article, we will discuss all necessary things related to baby rashes, causes, prevention, and much more.

What Is Drool Rash?

Red color patches around the mouth, covering the chin area and even sometimes on the chest is what is termed a drool rash. This is a very common problem arising in infants.

Whenever a baby starts to obtain teeth, drooling problems arise more often leading to rashes all around the face making the skin wet and reddish.

All the parents out there reading the blog must not worry about it as this is not a serious medical condition. It does not last for long but makes your baby’s nature irritating as he/she has to suffer pain.

Not to panic, just read the content given below and follow it. Soon your baby will be drool rashes-free.

What Does Drool Rash Look Like?

what does drool rash look like?

Drool rashes look like red patches or tiny red bumps on the skin. It is usually dry which also causes itching in the skin. It appears as a rash around the mouth, neck, chest of the baby. Generally, a three-month-old baby faces a drool rash skin problem if he is not getting teeth. The above-shown image is a drool rash picture around the mouth in red color.

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Drool Rash Causes

If the babies draw on excess saliva or the food sticks on the mouth for a long time. So it creates a red circle on the skin that becomes the cause of drool rashes. Other reasons can be teething and pacifiers. When a baby uses a pacifier the saliva pile up near the cheeks, lips, and mouth. This makes rash on the baby’s face and cheeks become red. It is not necessary that they are drool rash. They can be baby allergic rashes so it is better if you consult the doctor.

How To Stop Drooling?

You can stop this if you apply baby drool rash treatment or by taking preventive steps. If your baby is drooling because of teeth so you do not need to worry more. To stop drooling follow the mentioned solution and treatments.

You should use the waterproof bib that will help saliva to prevent it to reach the chest.

Take off your baby’s wet clothes and put on a dry shirt.

Keep clean face after feeding, drooling with a soft cloth.

Let your baby in the open air without clothes so that his skin can dry.

Drool Rash Treatments

Drool Rash Treatments

Drool rash remedies and treatment are mentioned below –

Avoid the use of a pacifier if your baby drooling. It happens sometimes when pacifiers teething rash on the face due to the use of a pacifier. So if you notice rashes on the skin of the baby so stop the use of pacifiers.  

Wash your baby’s bottles and pacifiers thoroughly to stop germs and bacteria growth.

Always use the soothes products like cream, cleansing water, bathing soap, and more. Here is also a very simple natural way that must use to treat drool rashes.

Very Simple Natural Ways To Treat Drool Rashes Are:

  • Using a good moisturizer will help in keeping baby’s skin healthy and rash free
  • Whenever your baby is drooling, make sure you clean it immediately so that no rashes occur.
  • Coconut Oil is the best proven ingredient to apply on baby skin.
  • Petroleum jelly being a natural ingredient will repair the skin of the baby by applying on the affected area.
  • Bath with warm water. Give a good warm bath to your baby to help in releasing some pain and divert the mind.
  • Apply the drool rash cream after cleaning the face & dry
  • Use soft wipes to wipe your baby’s face after a meal

These home remedies will help you and your baby to get rid of drool rash.

How Can You Prevent A Rash Under Baby’s Chin?

How Can You Prevent A Rash Under Baby's Chin?

Your baby’s soft skin is delicate and shall be taken care of so that no allergy, rashes attract the baby’s soft skin.

Generally, a drool rash appears on the baby’s skin that is caused by excessive saliva dropping. It makes the skin red, itchy and sometimes swollen too.

To prevent a rash under the baby’s skin or around the mouth, you can use a cotton bib or maybe a handkerchief to wipe the drool.

Especially after feeding, it is necessary to clean the skin with warm water or soft wipes. It will be effective in preventing drool rash.

Another way out is a warm bath, a very beneficial way of cooling down the inflamed skin area.

With so many options available you can get rid of the rash under your baby’s chin. Vaseline for drool rash is a natural way to treat rashes on the chin. Coconut oil for drool rash is also another natural way that is also effective in treating neck rash treatment.

Rash under the baby’s chin can also be a sign of eczema if the skin becomes dry, itchy, and rough, resulting in dark brown skin.

So, when the baby is 3-6months old, make a routine of giving a warm bath to your baby so that the baby can sleep well and have less pain and irritation. Another point is after giving a bath, massage with coconut oil. This will help to heal the skin and cool down the inflamed area. When feeding, do not forget to put on a bib and clean the face gently.

The main reason for rash under baby’s skin is when drooling is not cleaned and it remains on the chin for a long time it leads to rashes. So cleaning and keeping the baby’s skin dry is the most crucial step.

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Is Drool Rash Fungal?

Is Drool Rash Fungal?

Fungal Infection appears in the wet area where the drool accumulates. Like, inside the soft folds of skin on the baby’s neck and hand. So it can be said that drool rash is a fungal infection.

The excessive saliva that keeps spitting allows the yeast infection to grow. It covers the mouth area, chin, neck, and chest too. The wet skin area where less oxygen is supplied, from there itself fungal infection starts to take place.

All that has to be taken care of is to be concerned with drool rash treatment. Treating this well will not allow any fungal infection or allergy to happen to the baby’s gentle skin.

Treatment for drool can take place at home also by using some natural methods. By using a cotton bib to clean drooling, or by applying Vaseline to the affected area, or even by massaging with coconut oil

Also by taking some preventive measures you can avoid fungal infection.

Some measures to prevent fungal infection are:-

  •  Avoid clothes that are wet and suffocating around the neck
  • Keep the skin clean and dry and especially that folds in the neck area
  •  While sleeping the baby’s neck should be straight so that there is proper air reaching the neck.
  • Use chemical-free ointments to apply on the infected area.
  • And make sure to give a warm bath to your baby, to cool down the burning skin.

Even if these measures don’t work, go and make an appointment. Consult the doctor about the problem. Treating problems related to newborns is really very important as with time it can become a serious problem.

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Is It Heat Rash Or Drool Rash?

Heat Rash Vs Drool Rash

Heat rash can happen at any stage of life. But if we talk about drool rash, it appears when the baby is 2-3 years old.

It seems a bit tricky to differentiate between heat rash and drool rash as the symptoms are mostly the same.

With different skin comes different symptoms.

So here, the differences are mentioned in clear words to let you know what exactly a heat rash and a drool rash are all about.

When we talk about heat rash in adults or even in infants, there is mild inflammation. And in case of drool rash, there appears irritation and pain on the rashes. 

If your baby gets pink rashes all around the neck, chest, upper body, or near elbow creases, it simply means your baby is infected with a heat rash

On the other hand, if your baby has red and white bumps around the mouth and chin area that means it is because of drool rash.

Generally, in hot weather conditions, there are high chances for your baby to get a heat rash. In the hot weather when the baby is all covered with 2-3 layers of clothes, the baby’s sweat pores get blocked leading to rashes. Whereas in drool rash, the rashes appear due to teething issues that allow saliva to drip all the time making the skin wet.

In case of heat rash, there are no chances of your baby getting a fever. But if we talk about drool rash, in certain cases your baby can get feverish. But, nothing to worry about as both of the conditions are normal and go away on their own. Within 2-3 days the heat rash gets back to normal and in case of drool rash, it takes approx 10 days to clear.

Opting for Heat rash remedies can actually cure it permanently. As heat rash is self-treatable and can be cured at home itself. Here are some of the home remedies for you that will help you to get rid of heat rash quickly:-

  • Give your baby cool baths and showers.
  • Allow your baby to sleep in a proper ventilated room, in a cool area.
  • Make your baby wear thin layer clothes and that too cotton clothes.
  • If convenient, apply an ice pack wrapped in a towel to the affected area.
  • For swelling and pain, using aloe vera gel directly to the heat rash is a good option.

Does Breastmilk Help Drool Rash?

With breast milk carrying an abundance of nutrients and moisturizing properties, all the skin-related diseases of newborns can easily be treated.

Drool rash baby getting troubled with inflamed and irritating skin can quickly get instant relief just by applying the breast milk.

Not only for drool rash treatment but for healing other skin infections also, breastmilk filled with vitamins can be useful. Skin issues like:-

 Definitely, breast milk acting as a natural moisturizer can help to get rid of drool rash, eczema, cradle cap, face acne, and many other skin issues.

 No doubt, with so many benefits, drool rash can be treated. Other natural alternatives for treating drool rash that is also beneficial are:-

  • Coconut oil for drool rash. By massaging coconut oil on the full body including the affected area, drool rash will get light and normal on its own.
  • Vaseline or petroleum jelly. Just by cleaning the face and applying vaseline will soon remove all the rashes and will result in clear soft skin.

 Drool rash seems to be the problem that every newborn faces in the initial years of birth. So, nothing to worry about as using breastmilk, coconut oil, or vaseline you can easily see rashes going away.

Mother’s milk can never harm the kid

In fact, it will cure all the problems faced by infants in the best possible way!!!!

Symptoms When To See A Doctor

If your baby is drooling so it is common in babies and young children. But If it is drool rash so can be uncomfortable for your baby. Drool rash is uncomfortable so it does not mean very serious but you will have to care. And for this you can treat at home but if the following symptoms occur visit a pediatrician.

  • If your baby has a fever
  • Has facing difficulties in breathing
  • Not eating well or refuse to eat
  • Hold their head in a different position
  • And, if the baby becomes irritable

Frequently Asked Question| Baby Drool Rash

  1. What Can I Put On A Drool Rash?

    If you want to prevent red rashes on babies so you can put these things on a drool rash –

    (a)Wash face 2 times a day
    (b)Apply healing ointment
    (c)Use baby lotion and soothing cream
    (d)Put on dry clothes
    (e)Avoid perfumes
    (f)Wash your baby’s clothes with the same soap or detergent.

  2. How Long Does Drool Rash Last?

    When your baby is 15-18 months old the drool rashes automatically disappear with time. But, It is important to keep your baby’s skin always dry to prevent drool rash. And always clean your baby’s face, after feeding the baby. Even after experimenting with all the natural ways, if your baby’s drool rashes are not being healed then it’s better to consult the doctor.

  3. What Is The Best Cream For Drool Rash?

    Aquaphor baby healing ointment is the best for baby red cheeks, newborn rash, and drool rashes.

  4. Is It Drool Rash Or Eczema?

    It can happen when you can confuse between drool rash or eczema. Both seem like the same causes red patches rash on the baby’s face, neck rash, red cheeks, and teething rash. Usually drool rash is caused by saliva around the neck and mouth skin. And Eczema causes by coming in contact with an allergen and irritant.

  5. Is Aquaphor Safe For Drool Safe?

    Yes, Aquaphor for drool rash is safe for babies.

  6. When Do Babies Drool?

    Babies drool at the age of 3 to 6 months but you can stop by using a home remedy for a week.

  7. Are Red Cheeks A Sign Of Infection?

    Yes, red cheeks can be a sign of infection or allergy. But if your baby is teething so it can be a drool rash.

  8. When Should You Consult With The Pediatrician?

    You should consult with the pediatrician if you notice no improvement in rashes. Mostly, drool rashes can go with the regular home treatment. If rashes persist pain, itching, and make skin chapped so it is the best time to consult the doctor.

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