Drool Rash

Drool Rash – Causes, Treatment, Solution

What Is Drool Rash?

Drool rash is seen in babies around their mouth and neck area. When a child removes saliva from its mouth the skin gets wet. Due to regular wet of the skin, it makes baby skin rash. It can be because of teething’s side effects. You can prevent their skin by using cream or oil after consulting the doctor. In this article, we will discuss all necessary things related to baby rashes, causes, prevention, and much more.

What Does Drool Rash Look Like?

what does drool rash look like?

Drool rashes look like red patches or tiny red bumps on the skin. It is usually dry which also causes itching in the skin. It appears as a rash around the mouth, neck, chest of the baby. Generally, a three-month-old baby faces a drool rash skin problem if he is not getting teeth. The above-shown image is a drool rash picture around the mouth in red color.

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Drool Rash Causes

If the babies draw on excess saliva or the food sticks on the mouth for a long time. So it creates a red circle on the skin that becomes the cause of drool rashes. Other reasons can be teething and pacifiers. When a baby uses a pacifier the saliva pile up near the cheeks, lips, and mouth. This makes rash on the baby’s face and cheeks become red. It is not necessary that they are drool rash. They can be baby allergic rashes so it is better if you consult the doctor.

How To Stop Drooling?

You can stop this if you apply baby drool rash treatment or by taking preventive steps. If your baby is drooling because of teeth so you do not need to worry more. To stop drooling follow the mention solution and treatments.

You should use the waterproof bib that will help saliva to prevent it to reach the chest.

Take off your baby’s wet clothes and put on a dry shirt.

Keep clean face after feeding, drooling with a soft cloth.

Let your baby in the open air without clothes so that his skin can dry.

Drool Rash Treatments

Drool Rash Treatments

Drool rash remedies and treatment are mention below –

Avoid the use of a pacifier if your baby drooling. It happens sometimes when pacifiers teething rash on the face due to the use of a pacifier. So if you notice rashes on the skin of the baby so stop the use of pacifiers.  

Wash your baby’s bottles and pacifiers thoroughly to stop germs and bacteria growth.

Apply the drool rash cream or coconut oil after cleaning the face and dry.

Always use the soothes products like cream, cleansing water, bathing soap, and more.

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Frequently Asked Question| Baby Drool Rash

  1. What Can I Put On A Drool Rash?

    If you want to prevent red rashes on babies so you can put these things on a drool rash –

    (a)Wash face 2 times a day
    (b)Apply healing ointment
    (c)Use baby lotion and soothing cream
    (d)Put on dry clothes
    (e)Avoid perfumes
    (f)Wash your baby’s clothes with the same soap or detergent.

  2. How Long Does Drool Rash Last?

    Drool rash lasts at least 15 to 18 months long.

  3. What Is The Best Cream For Drool Rash?

    Aquaphor baby healing ointment is the best for baby red cheeks, newborn rash, and drool rashes.

  4. Is It Drool Rash Or Eczema?

    It can happen when you can confuse between drool rash or eczema. Both seem like the same causes red patches rash on the baby's face, neck rash, red cheeks, and teething rash. Usually drool rash is caused by saliva around the neck and mouth skin. And Eczema causes by coming in contact with an allergen and irritant.

  5. Is Aquaphor Safe For Drool Safe?

    Yes, Aquaphor for drool rash is safe for babies.

  6. When Do Babies Drool?

    Babies drool at the age of 3 to 6 months but you can stop by using a home remedy for a week.

  7. Are Red Cheeks A Sign Of Infection?

    Yes, red cheeks can be a sign of infection or allergy. But if your baby is teething so it can be a drool rash.

  8. When Should You Consult With The Pediatrician?

    You should consult with the pediatrician if you notice no improvement in rashes. Mostly, drool rashes can go with the regular home treatment. If rashes persist pain, itching, and make skin chapped so it is the best time to consult the doctor.

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