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Ferber Method – Ferberizing Sleep Training

Have you heard about the Ferber method? If you never heard about it, then keep reading this blog to know about the Ferber method. Ferberizing is a ferber sleeping training method that can help the parents to sleep their baby at night without waking.

Well, so many books are available in the markets that can help the parent to get their older baby to sleep throughout the night.

If you are struggling to get your baby to sleep, then I would suggest you follow the Ferber Method because it is one of the best methods. Let’s have a look at The Ferber Method.

What Is The Ferber Method

What Is The Ferber Method

Ferber Method is one of the most popular and controversial Ferber sleeping training methods. The Ferber method is a form of cry it out and it is also known as Graduated Extinction or Ferberizing.

The ferberize can help you teach how to sleep your baby’s own and put himself back to sleep if your baby wakes during the night. Ferber method was developed by Richard Ferber in the back of the ’80s.

But the ferberizes gained popularity when Dr. Ferber’s published a book, Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems. The Ferber sleep training can help the baby to learn sleep better at night without waking up in the middle.

According to Dr. Ferber advises the parents not to start Ferber sleeping training until their baby becomes 5 or 6 months old.

The Ferber method can help the parents to teach their babies self-soothing and sleeping themselves. By setting the prescribed amount of time for tears to fall. This concept is also known as progressive waiting.

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When Start Ferberizing?

When Start Ferberizing

The best age to start the Ferber method is between 3 to 6 months old. Because the baby needs to eat in the middle of the night and they become habitual with these habits.

And after a year, they have found hard to breaking all these patterns and habits. Some parents who are starting the sleep training with the cry they do not go to the baby room at all.

Even the baby is crying for a long time but the method of general sleeping training is considered to be a gentle routine. The Ferber method is involved to periodically check in your babies when they are crying.

At the beginning of ferber method when you leave the baby in his room and if they begin to cry when you leave the room. Then ignore their cries for a few moments and wait for a moment, when you go to check in the baby’s room.

When you go into the baby room for checking then gently pat them and soothe them, but don’t pick them up.

And then gradually increase the time of checking, and if your baby is not crying then stay out of the room. This helps your child to sleep more and learn to self-soothe to sleep independently.

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How To Start Ferber Sleep Training?

Ferber Sleep Training

Sometimes the Ferber method feels hard emotionally, But the steps of the Ferberizing are straightforward and simple. check out these steps:

  • Create the bedtime routine for the baby, read them a book, rock and sing for them. But make sure your baby is awake when you put them to bed. Put your baby in her crib when they feel sleepy but they are awake. When the baby bedtime routine is finished then leave the room.
  • If the baby is crying when you leave the baby room, then wait for a few minutes before checking the baby room. The amount of time for checking the baby is depending on you and the baby. Then after a few minutes go back into the baby room and give them comfort by gently patting them or talking with them with a soft voice. But don’t pick them up or feed them. And also don’t stay more than 2 to 3 minutes even if your baby is crying when you leave.
  • Then slowly leave the baby room and repeat the checking as it needed. If the baby continues crying then go back to the baby and give them comfort at specific times.

Here Are The Ferber Method Chart

The Ferber Method Chart

Day-1 Of Ferber Method

First Wait time: 3 minutes
Second Wait time: 4 minutes
Third Wait time: 10 minutes
Subsequent Wait time: 10 minutes


First Wait time: 5 minutes
Second Wait time: 10 minutes
Third Wait time: 12 minutes
Subsequent Wait time: 12 minutes

Day- 3

First Wait time: 10 minutes
Second Wait time: 12 minutes
Third Wait time: 15 minutes
Subsequent Wait time: 15 minutes


First Wait time: 12 minutes
Second Wait time: 15 minutes
Third Wait time: 17 minutes
Subsequent Wait time: 17 minutes


First Wait time: 15 minutes
Second Wait time: 17 minutes
Third Wait time: 20 minutes
Subsequent Wait time: 20 minutes


First Wait time: 17 minutes
Second Wait time: 20 minutes
Third Wait time: 25 minutes
Subsequent Wait time: 25 minutes


First Wait time: 20 minutes
Second Wait time: 25 minutes
Third Wait time: 30 minutes
Subsequent Wait time: 30 minutes

This ferberize can help to set the exact amount of time to check in your baby. It will also encourage your baby to sleep and soothe themself.

Does The Ferber Method Work?

Does The Ferber Method Work

Well, it’s difficult to stay away from your baby if the baby is crying. According to some studies, some parents are going through enforcing sleep and this is stressful.

Because most of the parents were not tolerant or ignore when their babies are crying for long. So most of the parents were not too successful with the Ferber method.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, there are some studies show that Ferberizing is helpful for some parents. They had found a decrease in the number of night waking.

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