How and Why to Give Your Baby Milk Bath

You must have seen those cute and artistic-looking baby milk bath photoshoots going viral on the internet but does bathing your baby with milk actually beneficial or is it just another modern parent’s trend?

Well, milk bath is an age-old skincare technique since milk is rich in nourishing elements. Even ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is known to take milk baths for her beauty.

In this post, we have got you everything you need to know about a baby milk bath and its benefits so read to know does your little one needs a milk bath?

Benefits Of Breastmilk Bath for Baby

Baby Milk Bath

We all know how beneficial breast milk is for the growth and development of a newborn. It is always advised to feed breastmilk to your little one in the early stage of life but isn’t it too much to give your baby an entire bath in breast milk?

Well, giving breast milk baths to babies is just the same as giving them a normal bath so you don’t really have to do too many preparations for it. But it definitely gives your baby’s young skin the much-needed moisture and nourishment.

In fact, mother’s milk has some great healing properties which can even help you fight those early skin problems that can bother your baby and you if overlooked.

Giving a baby milk bath can help in following skin issues

  1. Eczema
  2. Breast milk is well known to have good bacteria to help improve a human baby’s digestive health but its list of benefits does not just stop there. According to a study, it has been seen that a breastmilk bath for infant eczema can be quite helpful.

  3. Baby Rashes
  4. Breast milk bath for baby rashes like drool rash and diaper rashes has been seen as a natural treatment. Human milk contains elements like Linoleic acid (also known as Omega 6 fatty acid) which is known to reduce skin irritation and inflammation and hence, can soothe your baby’s rash-affected skin

  5. Cradle Cap
  6. Milk bath can be also beneficial for babies with cradle cap as it can act as a natural moisturizer and can help in getting rid of dry flaky skin.

  7. Baby Acne
  8. Acne is a very common condition in newborns and even though it is not harmful, many parents don’t want to see these little bumps on their little angel’s cute face. And Breast milk bath for baby acne can be a really good natural solution as it contains antibacterial components like Lauric acid which can help in getting rid of baby acne.

  9. Minor Cuts
  10. Milk bath can even heal minor cuts, burns, and dry skin of the baby with its healing properties.

How to Give Breast Milk Bath To Your Baby

All dear parents reading this, getting that awesome baby milk bath photography isn’t rocket science and you don’t really have to be an Instagram expert mom to get some cute shots of your baby bathing in a tub full of milk.

And also, dear moms please calm down and stop thinking that you actually have to pump tub-full milk for that. Check this step-by-step recipe for a milk bath for your baby.

Baby Milk Bath Recipe

Baby Milk Bath
  1. Gather the stuff you need i.e., a bathtub, lukewarm water, 150-300 ml of breast milk and flower petals (optional), and of course the baby. 
  2. Fill your baby’s bathtub with lukewarm water just as you do for a normal bath.
  3. Pour 150 to 300 ml of breast milk into it. The water should appear translucent or milky.
  4. You can add some flowers petals, rubber toys, or fruits to your baby’s milk bath if you want to do a photoshoot but make sure that the baby is comfortable with these things.
  5. Now let your baby soak in the bathtub for at least 5 to 15 mins and make sure to provide support if your baby is not completely able to sit on their own and gently wash their limps and face with milky water.
  6. After the bath, gently pat dry the baby with a soft cloth.
  7. Now follow your baby’s normal after-wash routine like moisturizing etc. and here you have a freshly bathed baby with the goodness of breast milk.

Tip: You can also add oatmeal to your baby’s bath if you want. Oatmeal acts as a natural cleanser, moisturizer, and can be very helpful in soothing eczema or other rashes.

Oatmeal and Breast Milk Bath Recipe: Take ¼ cup of any regular oatmeal, grind it well, and add ½ cup warm water. Mix it well to avoid any lumps and keep it to rest for 20-30 mins so that all the nourishing properties of oatmeal dissolve into the water. Now strain this mixture and add the oatmeal water to your baby’s bath along with 150-300ml of breastmilk.

Cow Milk Bath for Babies

If you don’t have a breast pump at home it is fine because you can even give your baby a cow milk bath or some parents use powdered milk, you know for just doing photoshoots. But if your purpose is more than just clicking cute pictures of your baby then we suggest not to use powdered milk as it may not have all those real nourishing properties as breast milk.

Regular milk or vegan milk can be fine though as both can be a good option to moisturize your baby’s skin. The baby milk bath recipe without breast milk is just the same as the “with breast milk” recipe. The only difference is, you add some cow milk in place of breast milk or you can use almond milk as a vegan option.

How Often Should You Give Milk Bath to a Baby?

If your baby is having dry skin or any minor rashes then a milk bath twice a week is sufficient to restore the moisture and nourish his/her skin. And if you just want to do it because you don’t know what else to do with the extra milk which you can not feed the baby then you can combine your baby’s regular bathing routine with milk baths in between.

Can You Use Frozen or Expired Milk for Baby Bath?

Baby Milk Bath

Many moms (and dads too) are unsure if they can reuse the frozen breast milk or not. According to experts, you can reuse the breast milk within or after four days when kept in the refrigerator at a temperature of 40o F (4oC) or low.

Freshly pumped frozen human milk is safe to use not only for bathing but also to feed the baby. And leftover breast milk is safe for bathing too as long as it doesn’t smell bad.

Cautions for Giving Milk Bath to Your Baby

Now after reading this post, you know that a breast milk bath is more than safe for your baby’s skin and how beneficial it can be for certain skin issues. But there are still some little but important things that you should keep in mind before giving your little one his/her milk bath.

  • First thing first, do not get overwhelmed with the photo session part of milk bathing your baby. Yes, a baby in tubful milk is a click worth scene but keeping them soaked in water for a long time just to get the perfect shot isn’t a good idea anyway.
  • If you are using frozen milk make sure to defrost it and mix in water when it comes to room temperature to maintain a lukewarm temperature of the water.
  • If you are using leftover breast milk and a foul smell is coming from it, do not use it.
  • If you want to use flowers or fruits for the milk bath, make sure the baby is comfortable with them.
  • Do not leave the baby on their own and give proper support if they are not yet fully able to sit stably.

End Thoughts

There are no end thoughts, just hope you find this post helpful, and thanks for reading it. And now when you have read it and know how and why to give your baby a milk bath, what are you waiting for???

Just give your little one a heavenly bath with that liquid white gold and share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below!!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is a milk bath good for babies?

Yes, a milk bath, especially with breast milk, is extremely beneficial for restoring the moisture of your baby’s skin and it also helps soothe some common types of skin issues in babies.

2. What kind of milk do you use for a milk bath for a baby?

Breast milk is advised for giving a milk bath to your baby as it contains nourishing elements which are good for the baby’s skin but you can also use regular milk to moisturize your baby’s dry skin.

3. What does putting milk in your bath do?

Putting milk in the bath is an old skincare therapy used for both adults and babies which helps in – Moisturizing Nourishing Healing and restoring skin Soothing inflamed or irritated skin

4. Are milk baths healthy?

Milk baths are considered extremely healthy not just holistically but also scientifically. A Milk bath can rejuvenate the moisture of your skin and keep it healthy.

5. How to give a milk bath to a newborn?

Steps to give a baby milk bath : Fill your baby’s bathtub with lukewarm water. Mix 150-300 ml breast milk. Keep your baby in the tub for 5-15 mins. Gently pat dry your baby after the milk bath.

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