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How To Burp A Baby: Step By Step Guide to Burp a Baby

Have you ever wondered why burping a baby is important? And why do you need to burp a baby? If your answer is yes, then keep reading this blog.

The most important part after feeding is burping a baby. Burping helps in getting rid of the air bubbles that babies tend to swallow during feeding.

If the baby doesn’t burp right after the feeding or if he is not burping enough, change the baby’s position, otherwise, the baby can spit up or he’ll be cranky. Let’s read our step by step guide to burp a baby.

Why Do You Need To Burp A Baby?

Why Do You Need To Burp A Baby?

Burping is definitely one of the crucial tasks for the new parents until the baby grows up.

Adults can easily release their own gas, but kids and babies need help with burping because they don’t have control of how their bodies are positioned. Being a mamma, it’s your duty to make your baby comfortable.

Once the baby grows, he will be more self-sufficient and he will burp by himself and release the gas. If your baby takes lots of time in burping then it is recommended to consult the doctor.

Burping a baby is really important after each feeding or even when you’re switching the breasts because when the baby drinks, they swallow a little air along with your breast milk and having those air bubble trapped in the baby’s tummy makes them really uncomfortable and full before they really finish eating.

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Tips On How To Burp A Baby 

Tips On Burping Baby
  • Always keep bib or burping cloth under the chin of baby to protect your clothes. 
  • Keep a diaper, bib, and cloth handy when burping the baby as in case if the baby spits up or passes stool. 
  • Gentle pat or rub in the back may help in burping, but some need a slightly hard hand. 
  • Just focus on the left side of the baby’s back, where the little one stomach is located. 
  • Fussing in the middle of feeding due to discomfort from swallowing air and continue fussing can cause the baby to swallow more air. That can lead to more cranky and possibly spitting up. Instead, Burping the baby right away would help the baby in passing the excessive air without any problem.

How To Burp A Baby?

There is a small trick that I would like to share, when burping a baby you need to cup your hand while petting on the baby’s back and then do it gently.

Here are some easy and effective tricks when burping the baby. 

1. Hold On Your Shoulder To Burp The Baby

Hold On Your Shoulder

For burping the baby, gently place your baby over your shoulder as shown in the image above and support the bottom with one hand and rub or pat back of the baby with the other hand. Patting or rubbing baby’s back will expel the trapped air.

While burping the baby, place the burping clothes on your shoulder to save your and baby’s cloth. Burp of the baby depends on who is doing the task, mamma or father, as there can be slight differences in their approach.

If mom is burping the baby, she should position the baby’s belly on her breast. It can put a padded layer of pressure into the baby’s tummy that can facilitate release. 

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2. Facedown On Your Lap

Facedown On Your Lap

The second tip for burping the baby is face down on the lap so sit on a chair or couch with both feet on the ground then lay the baby tummy down across your legs. Place one hand under his stomach and other one on his back and the head turn sideways.

Secure your baby with one hand for burping and with the other hand gently rub or pat your baby’s back in a circular motion until burp comes.  

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3. Sitting-up


For burping effectively, what you need to do is hold the baby in a sitting position on your lap and lean the baby slightly forward.

Then support the baby head and chest with one hand by cradling the baby’s chin from the palm of your hand and with the other hand pat or rub the baby’s back. 

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4. Walking Helps In Burping


Put one hand under the bottom of the baby and another hand across her tummy to apply light pressure. Now walk as you can see in the above picture, it can help to give an additional release of any trapped air bubbles and ultimately helps in burping.

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5. Burping the baby when switching breasts

Burping Between Changing Sides

Burping the baby plays a key role in the feeding process as it gives the ease and comfort to the baby, so it is advisable to burp the baby when switching the sides during the breastfeeding or before finishing the bottle

This process can help the baby to make room for more milk instead of spitting up.

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How Often Should You Burp Your Baby? 

1. Burping A Breastfeeding Baby

Burping A Breastfeeding Baby

If you are breastfeeding mom,  then the good time to burp baby is when you switch breasts. If the baby is feeding only on one breast then burp during the usual halfway point. 

2. Burping Bottle-Feeding Baby 

Burping Bottle-Feeding Baby

Burping the baby while bottle feeding depends on the bottle size that you are using. Burp baby once halfway through the bottle feeding.

If the baby seems fussy while feeding, then stop the session and burp your baby & then begin with the feeding again. Try to burp a baby every 2 to 3 ounce during bottle feeding.  

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What Should You Do If The Baby Doesn’t Burp?

Baby burping

Some baby doesn’t swallow much air so they simply are not frequent burpers. But some babies pass gas enough that they don’t need to burp with the same frequency as a typical infant.

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