How to Use Coconut Oil for Drool Rash

Coconut oil is well known for its multi-utility. For ages, coconut oil has been used in cooking, skincare, haircare, and many ayurvedic and medicinal purposes. But can you use coconut oil for drool rash treatment of your baby?

The short and simple answer to this question is Yes! Read further to know more about how you can use coconut oil to cure drool rash.

How to Know Your Baby Has Drool Rash?

First thing first, you should know what a drool rash is and how it looks to identify if your baby has a drool rash or any other kind of baby rash or allergy.

What is Drool Rash?

Drool rash is a type of common skin rash or contact dermatitis that appears around a baby’s mouth, chin, cheeks, and/or neck in the form of red patches. These red rashes can be often accompanied by tiny red bumps and sometimes even chapped skin. Your baby might experience discomfort, irritation, and/or itchiness.

Cause of Drool Rash

The cause of drool rash is quite obvious by its name. But not every kid that drools, suffers from drool rash. Drooling is a very common thing that babies or toddlers do and generally, it is not a matter of concern. But if your baby is drooling way too much and their skin is almost always wet then they are likely to have a drool rash.

Generally, babies drool the most at the time of teething and that is why drool rash is also called teething rash. So if your baby is excessively drooling and you see red rashes on their saliva-soaked skin then you know your baby has drool rash.

Is Coconut Oil Good for Drool Rash?

Coconut Oil for Drool Rash

Using coconut oil is an easy home remedy for drool rash that can soothe your baby’s irritated skin. Coconut oil is dense and can act as a barrier between the baby’s skin and saliva.

Also, coconut oil possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties that help in healing your baby’s drool-damaged skin and calm skin irritation and itchiness. Moreover, the fatty acids present in coconut oil helps to moisturize the chapped skin of your baby.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Drool Rash

Gently apply coconut oil to the drool-affected area of the baby. You can also give a full body massage to your baby because coconut oil does not have any side effects and is safe to moisturize the baby’s skin.

But it is advised to use only pure organic coconut oil for babies as some branded coconut oils can contain fragrance and other chemicals. Such oils can cause even more irritation to the baby’s rashed skin.

Drool Rash Prevention

You know as they say, prevention is better than cure. So even though you know that treating drool rash is easy with coconut oil, it is still better to maintain a healthy skin routine to prevent your baby’s fragile skin from drool rash.

You can prevent drool rash by taking the following measures.

  • Gently wipe away the drool from your baby’s face with a soft clean cloth.
  • If your baby is excessively drooling, wash his/her face with lukewarm water twice a day.
  • Use baby bibs to prevent saliva from reaching the baby’s neck and chest.
  • Change your baby’s clothes frequently if they are wet with drool.

End Thoughts

In final words, we can say it is safe to use coconut oil for the drool rash of your baby. In most cases, it can be easily cured by using coconut oil but if the rash persists and your baby seems to have discomfort then you should visit a doctor.

FAQs about Coconut oil for Drool Rash

1. What can I put on a drool rash?

You can use coconut oil to soothe of your baby.

2. Does coconut oil help baby neck rash?

Sometimes excessive drooling results in rashes on a baby’s neck or chest. You can use coconut oil (without fragrance) to soothe the baby’s irritated skin.

3. Is Vaseline good for drool rash?

Other than coconut oil, you can also use Vaseline petroleum jelly to treat drool rash at home.

4. Can use coconut oil for diaper rash?

Yes, you can use coconut oil for diaper rash as well as for drool rash because coconut oil is a good natural moisturizer that can help in healing the baby’s rash-affected skin. Make sure to use .

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