Rainbow Baby

What Is a Rainbow Baby: Rainbow Baby Meaning

Rainbow baby is a miracle that happens to couples that has suffered a child loss at some point of their life.

You must have seen beautiful baby pictures on Instagram or Pinterest or any other social media that the baby is draped in rainbow color T-shirts/clothes and even the mother is expressing her gratitude by welcoming the rainbow baby by wearing rainbow type of clothes and other memorabilia.

But we never really understood what they were talking about. What exactly is a “rainbow baby”?

Let’s read more about it and why do we call it as a rainbow baby.

What Is A Rainbow Baby?

Baby with rainbow

Rainbow Baby is a term used for a baby that has been born after a mother that experiences a pregnancy loss. The pregnancy loss can be a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss from natural causes.

When you see positive sign on a pregnancy test, your whole life changes just in that blink of an eye. Rainbow child shows that there is still life, beauty and hope in the life of that couple after a big storm.

Just like, those beautiful 7 colors appears in the sky after the storm or turbulence which we call as Rainbow. Similarly, having a rainbow child add those beautiful colors in couple life’s which they will cherish their entire life.

Subsequent pregnancy can bring strong emotions of pain, fear and even guilt but at the same time, the couple may feel happy, joy and blessed. Any baby born after a loss can consider as a rainbow baby

Rainbow symbolize hope and renewal especially for the parents who have lost their baby, but now expecting a healthy baby. While stillbirths and miscarriages are fairly common, but moms who have lost a baby often feel alone in their pain.

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Why Do We Call It A Rainbow Baby?


The name of a rainbow baby originated from the idea of a rainbow that appears in the sky after a storm or a dark.

Rainbow child is described as miracle baby due to the powerful impact they can have in the life of the parents which makes the healing process easy.

Having a rainbow child is like the having the torch of light of love. Once you hold the rainbow child in your arms, you’ll understand what it feels and how happy you are to carry the rainbow child, after a loss.

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How to Overcome From Pain If You Are Expecting a Rainbow Baby

1. What To Expect 

pregnant bellies

We had a word with several ladies who are now pregnant with rainbow baby and they said that they experience a whole new level of emotions during each stage of their pregnancy.

During each stage of their pregnancy, women have said that they feel very anxious and a feeling of fear comes over after a big loss. They worry that they will have another miscarriage of that or something may be wrong with the baby.

It is recommended to consult the doctor who knows your previous history of your pregnancy. You should ask for the proper accommodations, say, for ex- ultrasound tech.

Many hospitals, doctors and training programs are now making an extra effort as they know how sensitive the issue is, and they are taking an extra effort to the needs of individual pregnant women.

According to our survey, such accommodations are really helpful to the women who have experienced a loss.

But at the same time, some women don’t disclose their pregnancies to avoid difficult conversations. While some women want to let their family and friends know early on in their pregnancy for emotional support during the pregnancy. As every woman is different as they experience mixed emotions while carrying a rainbow baby.

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2. Support From Family Members

couple holding hands

Anxiety is a common emotion for any woman who is pregnant with a rainbow baby.

If you feel anxious, then consult a counselor or mental health professionalist that can help you to manage your anxiety. Also, you should reach out to family members’ friends or your support group.

Also, journalism may be helpful for you to jot down your emotions and feelings. If you are pregnant with rainbow baby, then self-care is also more important. Try to pamper yourself, and let your partner give you some massage.

Sorrow can be exhausting so, when you are expecting a rainbow baby, then go ahead and ask for the help that you need during this time. 

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3. How To Monitor Rainbow Baby

Pregnant women

If you’re pregnant with a rainbow child then you should consult the doctor. Because they will tell you which tests are important to monitor the rainbow child during your pregnancy.

Because careful monitoring can help you to bring your rainbow baby to a full term. Some pregnant women take comfort in knowing their baby is developing safely.

Counting the baby’s kicks is also one way to monitor your rainbow child health at home. Well, counting kick is important because the change in the third trimester is usually the first sign of distress. Starting around 28 weeks, start counting your baby’s kicks at the same time each day.

If you notice any changes or you are concerned about your rainbow child movement then consult with a doctor. 

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4. Why The Rainbow Baby Is Special 

Pregnant women's and babies with rainbow outfit

Rainbow baby are so special as they bring happiness and joy in the life of the couple. Since the couple has experienced a loss before, so they know this will be a miracle to them. Many pregnant women have named it as their angel that will bring colors in their life.

A rainbow child gives the overwhelming feeling to their parents but the parents have said that they took so much time to heal, or even they can’t forget their loss due to miscarriage.

But, after having a rainbow baby, they feel blessed and overwhelmed. And they said that they will always cherish these moments in their entire life.

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5. How To Support Your Partner

Pregnant couple sitting

We, all know that losing a child will shake the entire family and the foundation. There is no moving on and the parents can’t get over it as this is their lifetime loss

but, in that hard time, you should support one another and take good care of the pregnant lady as she was carrying the baby in her womb.

It is really important to communicate with each other and pamper each other so both can heal from the loss. Extra care should be given to the mother and be kind to one another

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What is a rainbow baby?

Rainbow Baby is a term used for a baby that has been born after a mother that experiences a pregnancy loss. The pregnancy loss can be a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss from natural causes.

What do you know about rainbow children?

Rainbow babies can bring great joy after a very difficult time symbolizing hope and healing. But for parents who are experiencing the loss for them, rainbow babies are also treasured remainders.


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