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Stork Bites

Stork Bite – Causes, Treatment, & Other Birthmarks

What Is A Stork Bite?

Stork Bite is also called by the scientific name nevus simplex. It is like a blemish on the skin that formed before birth indicates the baby’s birthmark. This is not harmful and painful for your baby because gradually disappears within 2 years. The first time you might feel it is the baby’s skin rashes. If you consult the pediatrician then you will better know that it is baby stork or any rashes. Stork bites have been called also angel kiss, angel bites, and salmon patches. These look like red or pink patches which appear on the back of the neck, forehead, nose, and eye. According to doctors birthmark in eye and face birthmark started to disappear completely within 12 months to 18 months.

But sometimes birthmarks or salmon patch does not go away from the back of the neck entirely. For this, you can take laser treatment when your baby gets older.

What Does Stork Means?

Stork means a bird usually in the white and red color and has tall legs. A myth is also popular that a stork comes to pick a baby. If a red birthmark appears on the back of the neck so the bite is added with the stork. In simple words, it is derived from the relation of stork and baby.

Stork Bite Birthmark Meaning

A birthmark in babies is called a stork bite. It is observed in over 80% of newborns. You ought not to worry about such stork marks because they would fade in two years.

What Are Stork Bite Caused By?

It causes extensive capillaries and blood vessels below the skin. When a baby cries or the temperature changes in the room, the stork bites turn darker. Below are the stork bite pictures that will help you understand.


How To Treat Stork Bite?

Although treatment is not necessary because it becomes vanishes slowly-slowly. But if see even after the 2 years so laser treatment is an option for this. This treatment is used to reduce the size of and disappearance of pinkish patches.

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How To Get Rid Of Stork Bites?

You can get rid of it through stork bite laser treatment. This treatment is used after your baby gets older. Laser treatment is very effective and painless to remove angel kisses from their face. You can skip the laser treatment if the bites are not big. Let’s see the picture of stork bite before and after.

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How Long Does It Take For Stork Bites To Go Away?

It takes a maximum of two years long for stork bites to go away from your face. And it can take more than  2 years to go away from on the back of the head or neck.

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When To Speak To The Pediatrician?

Although, stork bites are harmless do not cause pain and fade away. Nevertheless, if stork bite bleeds, itches, and painful consult to doctor.

A doctor will make you believe after examining the baby that it is a stork bite birthmark or any skin disorder.

Frequent Questions

  1. What Is The Difference Between Stork Bite Vs Hemangioma?

    Hemangioma comes in the category of vascular tumor that comes from birth. A stork bite is a type of hemangioma. Hemangioma looks like a bright red mark that appears on the chest, back, scalp, and face. And stork bites look like pink patches that appear flat on the back, forehead, face, neck. The types of hemangioma are strawberry hemangioma, port-wine stain, cavernous hemangioma, and salmon patches.

  2. What Causes Angel Kisses And Stork Bites?

    Angel Kisses and Stork bites are the same that cause by immature blood vessels under the skin. It is called angel kisses if appears on the face skin and called stork bites if appears on the back of the neck.

  3. What Is The Difference Between Port-Wine Stain Vs Stork Bite?

    Port-wine stain and stork bite are the type of hemangioma. The port-wine stains are in purple to red color and stork bite in pink or red color. Port-wine usually permanent and does not go away until the treatment while stork bite fades within 2 years.

  4. Is Stork Bite A Sign Of MTHFR?

    No, it is not a sign of MTHFR.

  5. What Is A Nevus Simplex?

    Nevus simplex is a scientific name of stork bite or salmon patches.

Final Thought

You have known what is a stork, its causes, and treatment and how it is different from other rashes. It is very common in babies and seen in more than 80% of newborn babies. Also not harmful for them and after some months or a year it becomes fade.

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