When Do Babies Start Walking

When do babies start walking? The answer to this question is probably depends on the baby’s health and development. As a parent, seeing our child take his first steps is one of the most exciting and lovely experiences.

Before learning walking babies are going through the different stages like sitting, pulling standing, crawling, and rolling over. If you want to know when do babies start walking. Then keep reading this blog.

When Do Babies Start Walking?

When Do Babies Start Walking

Well, there is an appropriate answer when do babies start walking? Because the baby’s development depends on the baby’s physical activities.

Some of the babies are stating walking at the age of 9 months or late as 18 months age. These developments are different from baby to baby because everyone is different.

According to the development therapist many babies go through the crawling to walking.

Every step of your baby will develop a baby skill so they get around on their own. Keep reading to know at When Do Babies Start Walking After 

What Age Do Babies Walk?  

What Age Do Babies Walk

Most of the babies are taking their first steps at some time between 9 to 12 months and they become masters in walking at the age of 14 or 15 months old.

But if your child will not start walking and takes a little longer time then there is no need to worry about it. Because all babies are different in their own ways.

If your baby is walking until 16 or 17 months old then, there is no need to worry because, during her first years, the baby is busy developing their coordination and muscle strength.

They will learn to sit, rollover, and crawling before moving on to pulling up. When the baby is getting a master’s in these milestones, gain confidence, and balance, then they will start walking.

Here are some signs that help you to know when do babies start walking?

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When Do Babies Walk?

These are some signs and stages that can lead up to your babies starting to walk:

1. Pushing up

Pushing up

The newborn baby is unable to hold up their head and body without support in any way. As your baby grows and crosses the stage of a newborn, then they will start to hold and support their head and body.

Around the age of 3 or 4 months baby will develop the ability of head control and push up when they are lying on their tummy.

Pushing up is an important step towards baby walking. Because pushing up can strengthen the back which will eventually need to stand upright.

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2. Rolling Over

Baby will learn roll over from front to back and back to front at the age of between 4 to 7 months old.

At this stage, your baby will discover themself and they are also trying to reach with the toys and start using rolling as a way to get their mobile early. 

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3. When Do Babies Start Walking After Sitting up 

When Do Babies Start Walking After Sitting up

Sitting up or the tripod position is one of the most stronger cores that will build the muscles and help to sit.

Baby will start sitting up between the 4 and 9 months, and the baby will start sitting without any support. 

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4. Scooting


Some of the babies opt to go for the mobile-first, while some are trying to get upright they will start creeping or scooting.

When your baby will start the first movement across the floor will be a bit awkward or strange.

At the age of 6 to 11 months, they will start pushing their feet and body around with the help of their hand.

5. When Do Babies Start Walking After Pulling

When Do Babies Start Walking After Pulling

Once the baby will learn to sit upright, then the baby will become eager to get on their feet.

At the stage of between 8 to 11 months, a baby will learn to pull themselves.

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6. Crawling


We all think that when do babies start walking. Babies start walking after the crawling because at this stage your baby will build muscle strength.

The baby will start crawling at the age of 6 months or after the 13 months. If your baby will not crawl like a classic crawl, then there is no worry about it.

Because there are many different crawling styles such as bear crawl and crab crawl. 

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7. Baby walking With Help

Baby walking With Help

When the baby will learn the rolling over and crawling then they will start to discover to walk by holding with your hand.

Babies will also leverage every piece of furniture into action by cruising and walking by supporting it with their hands.

So, make sure that all your furniture is stable and safe for the baby to lean on. Baby will start walking with the help at age 6 to 13 months. 

8. Baby Stand 

Baby Stand

When the baby moves closer to the true walking they might begin to discover the new skills.

Because babies will start practicing the gross motor skill at the early stages, but some babies are waiting and then move through them quickly for true mobility. Balance is one of the key factors of standing solo.

Baby will learn standing solo at the age of 6 months, but if your baby will not start standing at the age of 1st birthday, then there is no need to worry about it. 

9. When Do Babies Start Walking  

When Do Babies Start Walking

Babies will take their first step as early as 8 months, or late to their halfway through their second year birthday.

But you need to pay more attention toward your baby because the baby will be cruising and trying to balance for a while.

There is no need to worry if your baby is not interested in standing and walking.

Because it will not consider delaying walking unless the baby will wait to take those first steps alone until they’re getting closer to their 2nd birthday. 

How To Help Your Baby To Learn Walking?

How To Help Your Baby To Learn Walking?

Just sit back to your baby and allow them to discover and explore their ability to own their own. Just encourage and motivate them to become more mobile at all stages.

Place their favorite toys just out of their reach so they get close to them by creeping and working harder.

When the baby cruising, call them to come to you. but make sure that the baby space will be safe so the baby can explore safely.

But there is no specific answer of when do babies start walking because all baby develops their motor skill on their own.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) don’t use a baby walker for the baby walking. 

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